Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Well I know I have to keep this up because Jessica keeps on me when I'm slacking... It's nice to know that someone reads it at least.
February 2, was groundhog day... which doesn't mean much to be besides the fact that it reminds me of my dad's birthday every year.  He was born 57 years ago in a black out, and was the 500th baby born in the hospital.  I still tell people that matter-a-factly, as if it's their pleasure to know.  I miss my dad dearly and can't wait to be home for his next birthday!  (It's been too long)
On his birthday I think I had the biggest impact that I will in this country on an individual's life.  I took a 13 year old from my community to the Capital to be operated on for a cleft lip, at a medical mission from the United States.  It went well and she is recovering really well!  It was a long trip and made me exhausted.  Sunday I was able to help with the initial intake day by translating, and it reminded me that I need to remember to always bring comfy shoes to the capital because I can't stand all day in flats...

Then Monday my stomach returned to it's upset ways and threw me back a few days in training for this 1/2 Marathon in April.  I semi calculated in on my phone today the amount of miles I will be running to train for it if I run 4 miles, 3x a week, and progressively do long runs, by the time I get to run day I will have run over 220 miles starting this week alone... holy cow was my response :P  Let's see if I can make this happen... I'll try to keep you updated.  Also I agreed to run a 10k on my birthday in Puerta Plata with Simona, which will keep me going after april...

Finally I have to say something about this, as it's been on my mind a lot lately.  My family in the states told me last week that they're moving soon to a new house.  While I'm so excited for them, and I know it's what they want it makes me sad too.  I knew things wouldn't stand still at home when I came here... and I wasn't even hoping to live there much longer when I return, but I will always cherish that house as the home I grew up in.  I have been blessed all my life with amazing family, both at home and here I know I'll never be without family.  There goes another chapter :)... not that we won't still dig up the time capsule in the backyard someday.

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