Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ok so I know that it's super early to start making this list.... considering I have another 14 months or so in country... but I love my list and I want a distraction from my real life.  So here's a list of food I want to eat and things I want to do (mostly food):

1-I want lots of breakfast food!  waffles with whip cream, maybe strawberry sauce and bananas..whole wheat banana and chocolate chip pancakes, with whip cream.... and an omelet with mushrooms, and veggies galore and hot sauce.  I will wash all this down with coffee, but it'll probably make me want dominican coffee again.
2- Popcorn ;) this will be necessary I'm sure
3-go to a movie... maybe the next star trek... but I'll probably have to rent that cause it will be out of theaters by the time I get home.
4- I want Thai food with feiven and kim
5- I want spicy pho, sushi, indian, and all other asian foods that I don't get to have here
6-Montclair chicken salad
7-Happy hour margaritas with mom
8-Jessica, you and I are going to finish that bike trail-I'm probably going to have to fix my bike up for that... or maybe buy a new one with y readjustment allowance (road bike :)
9-Take a hot shower
10-Go out with my friends and stay in with my family :)

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  1. I am sad that I am not included in this list. :(