Sunday, January 6, 2013

Things I think

Why do my feet always get so freaking dirty in this pais (country)... well maybe because all I wear is sandals at this point...maybe because I cross the river a lot and put my feet in the dirty river's possible that the fact that there is very little grass in peoples yards makes all the dirt much more dusty... I have a dog that seeks out dirt and then brings it back to the home on his paws (he only gets a bath 1-2 times a week).

I do kind of enjoy the fact that I have to greet most everyone I see on the street... It makes me feel more part of the community and like I fit in better... I do not think however that I will ever feel really comfortable with the cheek kiss that hispanic countries are accustomed to... Idk I just never feel like I'm doing it right... idk if i'm supposed to really kiss the cheek or if i'm supposed to kiss the air around the cheek and just press cheeks together... sometimes you go in to give a cheek kiss and it's too quick and your bones hit and that kind of hurts... I'm an american and my culture I think makes my security bubble bigger and I just do not enjoy being that close to so many people.... (if read wrong that whole paragraph is dirty)

Is my dog prettier than the other dominican dogs cause he gets cleaned on a regular basis and given good food or is he just naturally really pretty?

Who the hell would let ANYONE under 12 years old drive a motorcycle?

How long would it take to swim home? How quickly would I die at sea?  If there really are more sharks on my side of the river?

I think I might actually enjoy dominican music if it weren't blasted so loud that I think my eardrums are going to pop.

I wonder how hard it would be to create hybrid fruit trees that would survive back home...

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  1. If you don't want dirty feet, wear socks with your sandals. Fashion statement, lol!

    I think because Archer is your dog he is bound to be prettier than other dogs because you're gorgeous!

    Do not swim home please. You will not make it.

    Also, I think there are laws about brings indigenous plants via airplanes. So probably won't be able to make a hybrid plant.

    MISS YOU! xoxo